Genuine Psychotherapy

Genuine Psychotherapy is an innovative, pragmatically effective, paradigmatically creative, transformatively qualitatively different, inspiringly creative therapeutic system that does not deny, but includes, and far exceeds its previous therapeutic modalities! What do the above words mean?

The most important quality of Genuine Psychotherapy is its pragmatic effectiveness. While working on the processing to harmonious character potentials dialectically, the Natural Psychotherapy simultaneously follows a didactic vector, an effective psychotherapeutic algorithm, leading to the realization of the implicitly set in the neurotic state learning goal and character harmonizing direction. We work simultaneously on the two vectors, the dialectical and the didactic. Experience in the practice of Genuine Psychotherapy shows that such a holistic process, with a high panorama of the spiritually oriented approach and a solid footing on the logic of scientific reality, make the therapeutic process as effective as possible.

In other words, Genuine Psychotherapy works. Genuine Psychotherapy is practically achieving its goals. Its effectiveness in moving the client’s mental process from neurotic to normal healthy functioning is as high as possible… In its innovative creative process, Genuine Psychotherapy integrates existing psychotherapeutic systems and paradigms, by transcending them transformatively into a new product, qualitatively different from the sum of its parts.

Genuine Psychotherapy is not eclectic. It is integral-holistic. What does integral-holistic mean in practice? It means that the therapeutic modalities used by Genuine Psychotherapy work in an integral alloy, forming an entirely new therapeutic system, inspired and creatively transforming the available approaches into a uniquely different, highly effective method.